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You Watch, I Listen - #31 Blade Of Mister Rogers

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This week the boys review "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and Cannibal Ox's album "Blade Of The Ronin". We talk to Daniel "Bobo" Kurlan about his brand new Christmas EP from the guys at Lobo Sound. Other subjects include the gender of Santa, a homeless character on Sesame Street, a vampire movie that takes place during Hurricane Katrina, and much more! 





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About You Watch, I Listen

You Watch, I Listen Podcast

A podcast featuring two friends, where we talk movies, music, entertainment, sports, food, and more.  Every episode Dan gives Ralph a movie that he has to watch, and Ralph gives Dan an album to listen to before the next episode.  From there, they will break down their opinions on the movie and album they were given.  They'll also discuss different stories from the entertainment world, ranging from movies, music video games, food, and any random news from around the world.  Guests will include an assortment of Dan and Ralph's friends, as they look for a fresh voice to mix things up.

This podcast started over a few months of discussion between Dan and Ralph.  Realizing the natural chemistry they had with banter, a podcast seemed the most logical route since everyone seems to have a podcast these days.  You Watch, I Listen started with humble beginnings, morphing a garage into a studio, and building the show through trial and error(see episode 3).  Dan and Ralph both hope to continue growing this show, and seeing just where it can go.

A special thanks has to go to the Landlord of the group who has allowed Dan and Ralph's idea to grow and blossom, and her patience in particular with Dan's impulses and ideas, no matter how outlandish they may be.  The Landlord is solely responsible for the creation of the Attack Moves Network Studio, where You Watch, I Listen is recorded. 

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